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Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lab Report Example inch from the base of the cauldron and it was confined with the assistance of a glass fiber to make the cooling procedure of the example impede. This gave the experimenter sufficient opportunity to gather the information required (the difference in temperature versus time). At regular intervals, the temperature was noted until the example of liquefied Tin arrived at a temperature close to 150C (10C over the point of solidification of unadulterated Tin) so as to keep the thermocouple sheath from freezing. After the information was gathered, a plot of temperature versus time was created. The plot appeared as a bend, which is the Tin-cooling bend. The bend shows the cooling procedure,. Unique: This test was aimed at deciding the softening purpose of unadulterated Tin. For this reason, an artistic pot containing unadulterated Tin was warmed in a heater up to the temperature that was expectedly over the dissolving purpose of unadulterated Tin. When that was accomplished, the example of fl uid Tin was placed into a compartment that was loaded up with sand. A thermocouple sheath was set into the dissolved Tin and was detached with the assistance of a glass fiber. This impeded the cooling procedure of the example of Tin and furnished the experimenter with sufficient opportunity to gather the entirety of the necessary information (the difference in temperature versus time).

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September 11, 2001 Essay Example for Free

September 11, 2001 Essay On September 11, 2001 preceding 9:58am Eastern Central Time, the world changed until the end of time. It isn't excessively sensational to express this. America and the West is currently confronted with another and exceptionally risky adversary who captured planes and a religion so as to spread their obscured message of another Islam wherein all who don't accept as they do, are intended to meet an unfeeling passing. It doesn't make a difference to these thieves that 99% of Muslims don't hold fast to these standards and who have transparently denounced the activities of the savage minority. What just issues is the possibility that America bolsters Israel and thusly is abhorrent. America yields a lot of opportunity to their kin and subsequently, is viewed as a danger to Muslim nations. On September 11, 2001 in New York City, The Pentagon in Washington and in a field in Pennsylvania, the psychological militants added to their not insignificant rundown of assaults on the West. There have been numerous assaults by Islamic fear based oppressors before 9/11 and a lot more in the years since. Huge numbers of these assaults have been credited to, either by different groups of the American government, or by the fear mongers themselves who call themselves Al-Qaeda. The historical backdrop of this fear monger bunch is generally new throughout the entire existence of Islamic psychological oppressors however which have contributed a lot toward the West’s observation that Muslims support fear based oppressors in its numerous structures and that the Qu’ran bolsters it. What likewise isn't in question is the manner by which life in America has been changed while this general public is at war. In each war, America has fixed its common freedoms in some structure so as to put the effective fulfillment of the war at the highest priority on its rundown of decencies. There has been a section of the populace that has denounced these activities of the administration. This isn't a discussion with regards to which sides are correct and what, if any estimates should be taken all together that the war meets its quick and effective culmination. This report is to investigation the manners by which the assaults on 9/11 have influenced America, the legitimization that Al-Qaeda gave for their assaults and the reaction that America has given, both in the Middle East and here in America. The war proceeds and as long as it proceeds and American tries to end Islamic radicals from their journey to tempt a sacred war through their homicide of honest individuals in Madrid, London, New York, Yemen, different pieces of Africa and Bali just as bombed endeavors as of late at JFK air terminal where five African patriots looked to explode the air terminal however which was luckily halted. (Pearson, 2007 pg. A4) It appears to be a fundamental part of future life in America as the threats of fear mongers, both home developed and abroad who look to disturb and execute Americans which has provoked a fixing of the common freedoms in this nation. Subsequently, in a period of war, certain progressions to the manner by which we live, are forced on the overall population by the legislature. After the fear monger assaults on September 11, 2001, the nation needed to know the: who, what, where and why of this most shocking occasion. Not since the besieging of Pearl Harbor had America been hit with such a blow from an abroad source. In the coming days, it was assumed by the administration that Osama Bin Laden and the psychological oppressor bunch Al Qaeda was liable for the assaults. In spite of the underlying refusal to assume acknowledgment or fault for the assaults by Bin Laden who expressed in the quick days following the assaults: â€Å"I stress that I have not completed this demonstration, which seems to have been done by people with their own motivation,† before long changed into a glad decree of the obligation which the legislature had known from the beginning, had a place with Osama Bin Laden and the fear monger bunch Al Qaeda. Michaels, 2002 pg 108) It them fell upon the CIA and different administrative gatherings who were a piece of the 7,000 part psychological militant response power of the legislature to accumulate as much data about the previously mentioned so as to help organize a reaction, just as having the option to tell the open some significant foundation data about a gathering, which before 9/11, hardly any individuals had truly thought a lot about. (Page 2005 pg. A16) The inceptions of Al Qaeda go back to 1979 when the Soviet Union at tacked Afghanistan. (Michaels, 2002 pg. 339) This was a profoundly dubious activity with respect to the Soviet Union which in the end provoked President Carter to blacklist the 1980 Olympics which were to be occurring in Moscow that late spring. After the intrusion, a youthful Osama Bin Laden made a trip to Afghanistan so as to unite with the Afghan soldiers in dispersing the Soviets from their properties. After an extravagant war which took over nine years, the Soviet Union pulled back from Afghanistan and the power which was credited with this unexpected triumph, was before long marked Al Qaeda. The statement of purpose of Al Qaeda comprised of three primary concerns. They were their objection to what they viewed as US hostility towards the Iraqi individuals during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, the US military control of the Arabian Peninsula and a large portion of all, America’s support for Israel. Because of the way that around then, America viewed the Soviet Union as being by a long shot, the more terrible and all the more remarkable of potential aggressors to the United States that Afghanistan or Al Qaeda would ever be, it is accepted that help was given to Bin Laden as weapons and different supplies. Dwindle Bergan, the observed CNN writer and one of the first in the West to talk with Osama Bin Laden, remarked on the possibility that America was some way or another to fault for the hostility which Bin Laden appeared to America on September 11 and other psychological militant assaults on America during the 1990’s. â€Å"The tale about canister Laden and the CIA-that the CIA financed container Laden or prepared receptacle Laden-is essentially a society fantasy Bin Laden has his own cash, he was hostile to American and he was working subtly and autonomously. The genuine story here is the CIA didn't comprehend who Osama receptacle Laden was until 1996, when they set up a unit to truly begin following him. † (CNN, 2003) The last piece of this announcement is unquestionably evident. One of the principal imperfections of both the Clinton and now Bush organizations was the failure of the administration to comprehend that area of the world: the Middle East and how it works, thinks and capacities. In neglecting to do as such, the war in Iraq just as different groups of the war on fear, are at an extreme burden. The genuine contempt that canister Laden had for America came during the Gulf War of 1991. â€Å"When Saudi Arabia permitted the American military to work from their air and land space against Iraq, in spite of the way that canister Laden was no companion of Iraq around then and even offered his administrations to Saudi Arabia in case of an assault by Iraq, receptacle Laden promised to complete strikes towards the United States and relations both the Saudi Arabia government, its imperial family, just as his own family who might before long come to abandoned him. (CNN, 2003) What was clear and undeniable was the way that in the years paving the way to 9/11, Al Qaeda would make itself known to the United States to such an extent, that in the quick days after 9/11 there was little uncertainty with respect to who was answerable for the assaults. The administration and others around the globe had the option to help their initial introductions just days after the assault with a plenty of confirmation of past assaults and unsafe and scornful talk towards the United States of America. Probably the most punctual assault after the Gulf War was the besieging of the World Trade Centers in January of 1993. Ramzi Yousef utilized a truck bomb housed in the storm cellar of the World Trade Center trying to cut the monstrous structure down. Six individuals were executed and another 1,042 were harmed. $300 million in harm had happened however fortunately, the structure was not pulverized. (Michaels, 2002 pg. 145) Yousef was in the end caught in Pakistan. In 1996, receptacle Laden, notwithstanding the absence of qualifications inside Islam to give such an order, gave a fatwa or a strict decree which added up to an announcement of war against the United States and the entirety of its partners. Another fatwa was given on February 23, 1998 which expressed: â€Å"The administering to execute Americans and their partners regular folks and military-is an individual obligation for each Muslim who can do it in any nation in which it is conceivable to do it, so as to free al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and the sacred mosque in Makka from their grasp, and all together for their armed forces to move out of the entirety of the terrains of Islam, crushed and unfit to undermine any Muslim†(CNN 2003) This was not the official position of Islam since receptacle Laden didn't have the fundamental qualifications inside Islam to give such an order. In October 2000, Al Qaeda activists in Yemen besieged the rocket destroyer the USS Cole in a self destruction assault in which 17 servicemen and ladies were murdered. The boat was harmed a lot and the achievement of the assaults assisted with encouraging Al Qaeda for an assault on a considerably bigger scope in the next year to happen. 9/11 was presently being made arrangements for a particular date to be satisfied at the earliest opportunity. After the assault on September 11, 2001, on September 27, 2001, the names and faces of the 19 robbers were sent to the press, discharged by the FBI as a feature of their gigantic 7000 part power. The United States and soon to follow the United Kingdom put their fault soundly upon the hands of container Laden and Al Qaeda. This fast declaration regarding who was to be faulted for the assaults stemmed to a limited extent to the different fatwas that container Laden had sent to the United States too, explicitly the 1998 fatwa which required the slaughtering of American regular citizens for a huge scope. Additionally, notwithstanding the way that canister Laden initially dismissed that he was behind the assaults, in November 201, the US powers recouped a tape which was recovered from a pulverized house in Jalalabad, Afgha

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Top 10 Application Tips #3 The Personal Statement COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Top 10 Application Tips #3 â€" The Personal Statement COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog This is the third entry in our “Top 10? list to assist you with understanding the process of submitting your admission application to SIPA.   This entry is focused on advice regarding the personal statement. The personal statement is probably the most important part of an application because it helps us to learn about your passion, goals, and the impact you wish to make.   We do not conduct interviews with applicants as part of the admission process and you can think of your personal statement as a type of interview. If you could only spend 10-15 minutes in front of the Admissions Committee, what would you say to ensure us that you would be a contributing student in our program?   Your personal statement is your opportunity to speak to the Admissions Committee. Question:   Do I have to follow the format of the personal statement? Answer: Yes.   Our personal statement is broken into three parts, each with an associated word limit.   Applicants should follow the instructions and keep within the stated word limits.   Applicants that obviously try to substitute a statement written according to another school’s guidance are judged harshly in the admissions process.   Following directions is an important part of the process of applying. The majority of this entry addresses the first part of the personal statement.   We generally do not provide instructions regarding the second part because we want each applicant to answer in their own way.   For the second part, we are interested on how applicants choose to respond to the question and thus have no specific advice. The third part of the personal statement is wide open.   We provide space where you can include information you wish for the Committee to be aware of that might not be highlighted in other parts of your application or that you feel will shed light on some aspect of your past or future goals.   Part three can focus on things you are proud of, or perhaps not so proud of.   Part 3 of the personal statement is mandatory.   It would be unwise to leave Part 3 blank. Question:   Do you have any general advice regarding the personal statement? Answer: Yes, and the rest of this entry will focus on advice for you to consider. For one, I would not quote anyone in your personal statement.   For example, it would not be wise to say something along the lines of the following I want to join SIPA because like Gandhi said, “I wish to be the change I wish to see in the world.” While this is a nice quote and Gandhi was an incredible person, I am not making a decision to admit Gandhi to SIPA, I am considering admitting you to our program.   Thus I am not so interested in what Gandhi has to say, rather I am interested in what you have to say.   Also, when you quote someone else it in essence says, “I could not think of anything on my own to say, so let me let someone else do it for me.” At SIPA we are looking for creative, passionate, smart, driven, and competent people.   The best personal statements are just that â€" personal.   We want to hear from you.   The best applicants each year become quotable.   When an Admissions Committee member is impressed with what an applicant has written, they will often call attention to this when discussing the application.   So your goal should be to become quotable, not to quote someone else. Another note is that your answer to section one should not simply be your résumé in paragraph format.   In order to get your point across in your personal statement it might be necessary to restate information already included in your résumé, however do not restate information without a specific reason or goal. One thing not to do for example is to tell us in your personal statement where you went to school.   Many applicants will mention the name of their school in the personal statement.  What is wrong with this?   Well, you sent us your transcript and you state where you went to school in your résumé, why would we need to be told a third time where you went to school?   Use your personal statement to get across new information that might not be contained in other parts of your application. Your answer to part one of the personal statement should particularly be about what you hope to accomplish in the future.   What are you passionate about?   What are your goals?   What impact do you hope to make on the world?   Most of the contents of your application are about your past, we want a glimpse into your future. One thing we are trying to determine is if SIPA is the right program for you.   We are also trying to determine the type of contribution you will make as a student and alumnus of our program.   We do understand that you might not know exactly what you wish to do, however you should try to be as specific as you can.   For example, if you are interested in development, is there a region or particular group of people you wish to focus on? Strong responses to part one are focused and clear. An example of not being focused is to say that you wish to work for the United Nations. Just saying this alone is too vague. The United Nations is comprised of a multitude of organizations, doing a multitude of different things, in a multitude of different places. Listing a broad policy objective without context is also a common mistake. Whatever you hope to do, you should integrate the who, what, where, how, and why elements into your statement. Address questions such as: Who do you wish to impact? Is there a specific region, city, country, locality you are passionate about? What population do you hope to serve? What concerns you about the future and how do you hope to address policy questions to make a difference? What skills will SIPA help you to develop? Is there a sector that is most appealing to you? (Non-profit, multilateral, for profit, public). Do you hope to go in a new direction and why? Specificity is important. The most outstanding personal statements each year become a part of discussions amongst members of the Admissions Committee.   Each person is different and has a different history and goals.   Make sure to pour yourself into your personal statement and it will likely stand out because no two people are the same. Here again are the three parts of the personal statement we are asking applicants for the fall 2011 semester to respond to: First Question (500 Word Maximum) What distinct impact do you hope to have on the world in the future? Please be as clear as possible about your future goals, the policy/public service issue(s) you are passionate about, and your personal motivation(s). Be sure to include details regarding the features of SIPA that you believe are integral to helping you in your pursuits and what skills you need to develop to achieve a lasting impact. Second Question/Topic (300 Word Maximum) Please CHOOSE ONE of these options to write about â€" do not address both, pick one or the other. 1. Describe a policy issue that has impacted your life, either in a negative or positive way. If given the opportunity to amend the policy, what action would you take and why? 2. Describe a conversation or experience that challenged your beliefs or caused you to reevaluate your perspective on life. Third Question/Response (200 Word Maximum) Please share any additional information about yourself that you believe would be of interest to the Admissions Committee. Please focus on information that is not already reflected in the other parts of your application or might not be clear in the information submitted.

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Domestic legistaion - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1510 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Type Narrative essay Tags: Contract Law Essay Did you like this example? Abstract The brief will investigate the potential problems that can arise in electronic contracts. It will discuss some of the problems and discuss how the domestic legislation and the international entities endeavour to regulate such contracts to ensure that Ecommerce continues to grow and thus promote the growth of a healthy economy. Introduction When parties enter into contracts with each other and they are interacting face to face, it is easier to avoid mistakes than when they are at a distance and contracting with each other through the internet as medium. When parties enter into electronic contracts the whole contract can literally be concluded within seconds at the click of a button. The traditional paper based contract law has rules that apply to matters such as jurisdiction, validity, formation of contract, modifications to contracts. In the world of online trading these are all issues that arise in online contracts and is a challenge to the traditional concepts of contract law.[1] An example of an electronic contract that went horribly wrong occurred in 2002 when Eastman Kodak placed a camera for sale on its United Kingdom website for pound;100 instead of pound;329. Before Kodak could rectify the error, thousands of orders had already been placed. The company was faced with an option of honouring the contracts or face a lawsuit by the disgruntled customers. Initially Kodak said that it was a mistake and they would not fill the orders. One of their arguments was that the orders were simply bids to accept its offer for sale but it was not a cogent argument as the company accepted the orders and thereby formed an online contract. In the end Kodak was left with little choice but to honour the contracts. The total cost to Kodak was enormous and Kodak shrugged off the question whether customers would have won the lawsuit by saying that trade on the internet is a grey area.[2] ECommerce has rapidly grown to such an extent that the US market for online transactions was between $100 billion to $130 billion.[3] In the United Kingdom it has grown to the point where it accounted for pound;17 billion worth of commerce.[4] The internet market is extremely large and continues to grow as new methods of Ecommerce develops. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Domestic legistaion" essay for you Create order Recognition of the legality of electronic contracts The first issue that arises is to ensure that online contracts are legally enforceable. Before the advent of the internet contracts were normally concluded either in writing or by oral agreement. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980) (CISG)[5] which was adopted in 1980 provides for the recognition of contracts in international sale of goods. It does not provide for E-Commerce but a frequently overlooked article in the CISG provides for a description of what writing means in the context of contracting. Article 13 provides that for the purposes of the convention, writing includes telegram and telex. [6] Hill argues that this article is sufficient to include electronic contracts.[7] The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law realised that the growth of electronic commerce required it to take steps to recognise that contracts can be validly concluded by using the internet. The steps taken by the UNCITRAL had to ensure that users of E-Commerce should be able to electronically sign the contracts to ensure their enforceability. The UNCITRAL therefore adopted the Model Law on Electronic Commerce and in article 16 of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce formally recognition is provided for the legality of an online electronic contract. The UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce requires that States ensure that such contracts are legally binding on the parties. Article 7 of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce further confirms that electronic signatures are recognised.[8] The United States adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law by the adoption of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act[9] and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.[10] The EU also adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law in two stages. The first stage was the adoption of the Directive on Electronic Signatures.[11] The second stage was the adoption of the Ecommerce Directive.[12]. The question of validity of an e lectronic signature will come to the fore once proof of the signature is required.[13] United States The European Commission The European Union is a market with a diverse membership, each with its own domestic legislation. To ensure uniformity in some matters the EC adopts Directives that the member states are required to implement into their domestic legislation. If a member state does not do so, the EC can act against the member state and award damages to an individual that has suffered as a result of the recalcitrant member[14]. One of the ECs goals is to ensure that the EU becomes the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world.[15] The EC adopted the E-Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC to create the legal framework for electronic commerce in the internal market. The Directive is aimed at removing the barriers that exist in cross border online services between citizens of member states. It is further intended to provide legal certainty to participants in the EU.[16] The concept of the internal market is the creation of an area without any internal borders to ensure the free moveme nt of goods, services and freedom of establishment between the members.[17] The Directive is therefore aimed at ensuring that new member states as well as existing members implement and apply the legal framework for electronic commerce. According to the EC, the cornerstone of the Directive is the legal certainty and the clarity that the internal market clause of the Directive provides.[18] The Directive ensures that persons who enter into online contracts within the EU will have certainty as to the legal consequences of the contract and will further create an environment of trust between citizens of different members. This will again indirectly ensure the growth of online commerce and contribute to the wealth of the member states. If the certainty did not exist, consumers will be exposed to risks which may a negative consequence on the economy.[19] There is legislation that contains consumer protection and also that documents be in writing and the Directive that such contracts are valid if they are made through the internet. Examples of these are the Consumer Credit Act 1974 that provides for consumer protection[20] and The Requirements of writing (Scotland) Act 1995.[21] The opportunity to harmonise the rules on contract forming arose with the requirement to harmonise the requirement for online contracts.[22] The problem in this regard is that there is no uniformity in the EU in relation to the formation of contracts and consumers do not know when they have a legally binding contract. The diversity of rules creates a barrier to consumer confidence in electronic commerce and may result in consumers may avoid online contracting.[23] The Courts in the UK and in Scotland have identified the various stages of contract formation to assist the parties to know when the parties have reached consensus ad idem. The stages are invitation to treat, the offer and acceptance of the offer. The courts also adopted rules dealing with postal contracts.[24] The court in Adam s[25] held that a contract comes into being once the offeree posts the acceptance of the offer. This rule will also determine which court has jurisdiction to hear the case. Ibrahim argues that the postal rule can also apply to email contracts and is the proposed construction of contracts in the UK.[26] This construction is however not the domestic law of all member states and according to the rules in Spain and Belgium the offer of goods on a website is an offer to the buyer. The contract comes into existence the moment the offer is accepted by the buyer.[27] The problem here is of course that it does not contemplate the situation where the offeror does not have sufficient stock to fill all orders and the question that arises is whether the supplier will be guilty of a breach of the contract in such circumstances. Belgium law recognises that the offer is accepted once the offeror has reviewed the offer which lessens the harshness of its rule on the moment of contract. In the UK, F rance and Germany the rule is that the advertisement is an invitation to treat and the purchaser makes the offer which can be accepted or declined by the offeree. I the Kodak situation above the online orders were accepted automatically as this was the way that the website was set up to deal with online orders. The EC did not go far enough to harmonise the moment of contract and articles 9 to 11 of the Directive that deals with online contracts, only provides for the procedure of contracting online. The differences between the civil laws systems and the common law systems still exist and the citizens of different member states will still not be sure when the contract has come into existence. Snijders[28] argues that Article 11 of the Directive supports the civil law receipt theory and the offeree chooses the medium and is best positioned to insure against risks.

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Description Of Alzheimer s Disease - 1273 Words

Description: Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that attacks the brain’s neurons resulting in loss of memory, skills, and normal behaviors. The affected neurons produce the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. However, when affected by the disease, acetylcholine connections break and kill the cells. The location of the dying neurons correspond with the symptoms that appear. The most obvious example of this would be the dying of neurons in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for short term memory. Once the neurons inside the hippocampus die, a patient with Alzheimer’s will not be able to make new memories. Along with the dying of neurons, another cause can be plaque and tangles in the brain. Beta-Amyloid plaque†¦show more content†¦Failure to remember newly learned information is one of the first symptoms. This happens because the part of the brain that controls learning is affected. As the symptoms continue to progress, a pat ient with this disease may experience disorientation, serious memory loss, mood and behavior changes, confusion about places, people, events or time, difficulty walking, swallowing, and possibly speaking. There are many warning signs that could indicate this disease is becoming active in your life. Some warning signs include: memory loss that disrupts daily life, challenges in planning or solving problems, difficulty completing familiar tasks, confusion with time or place, new problems with words or speaking, misplacing things, poor judgement, and changes in mood or personality. There are three main stages of the disease: mild (early onset), moderate, and severe. A person with mild Alzheimer’s can still function independently. They may still do most of the things they do everyday such as drive, participate in activities, and go to work. However, they will have slight temporary memory loss of everyday items and locations. Doctors, families, and friends can tell that the patient is having difficulty remembering or saying things that they would normally remember easily. Moderate Alzheimer’s is the next stage, this stage can last for many years and require more care. The neurons in

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Nutrition and Childhood Obesity Free Essays

There is a lot of talk these days about childhood obesity and why it seems that today’s children are more overweight than the previous generations. The fact of the matter is that we live in time where things are constantly changing such as our jobs, the way we spend our time, and the way that we look. Obesity has been a major issue for many years in the United States. We will write a custom essay sample on Nutrition and Childhood Obesity or any similar topic only for you Order Now Children as well as adults suffer from obesity and the rates are increasing every year. Obesity can be a result of heredity, overeating, psychological disorders, other medical conditions, etc. but no matter what the cause is, it can lead to other problems. One out of five children in American schools are obese due to poor school lunch, fast food restaurants, and sedatary lifestyle without exercise and lack of parental involvement. Adult and childhood obesity have increased substantially in the last 30 years. Currently, 31% of adults and 18% of children are obese, as defined by their body mass index (BMI). One of the main factor that is causing obesity in children, is the quality of food in our school systems. School cafeterias are serving canned foods with high sugar content, fried chicken nuggets and soda machines in the hallway. The meals that are currently available to our children are not healthy enough to eat. . The school cafeteria are feeding children food that has high amount of fat and carbohydrate content, not to mention the vending machines that are stocked with potato chips,candy,soda and baked goods that are loaded with high calories and sodium. The children need full course nutritious meals to help them function in class and keep their energy levels high. In order for our children to make healthier choices, the products in the vending machine should be replaced with snacks such as fruit, crackers, raisins and yogurt which are all healthy alternative. What I also see as a major contributor to obesity in children and adults is Fast Food Restaurants. Today people are so busy and they just aren’t taking the â€Å"time† that’s needed to prepare a healthy dinner. People are constantly on the go, and find it very convenient to pick up a Whopper at Burger King or a Hot Dog from Sonic. The Fast Food Restaurants are a billion dollar industry and a quick fix for people on the go. The convenience of the fast food industry allows working people to gather food for their family, when they are in a time crunch. The people view this as a time saver, but in reality, they are harming themselves and their family by not cooking healthy meals. The calories and high fat content in fast-food helps American to gain weight faster, also leads to health problems that include heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke to avoid these problems as American we need to stop eating out and try to prepare healthy meals at home with organic food or regular food like in previous times. In my opinion they need to replace some of these restaurants with healthy organic restaurants around the world to eliminate some of this epidemic in obesity to keep Americans living longer. Another reason that our children are obese is that our children tend to stay inside and play video games and watch television for hours on end, rather than stepping outside and having fun or exercising. In many schools throughout the United States, there has been a decrease in the amount of free play or physical activity that children receive during school hours. Only about one-third of elementary children have daily physical education, and less than one-fifth have extracurricular physical activity programs at their schools. In order to live a well-rounded healthy lifestyle physical activity should be incorporated into a child’s daily activities. Exercise helps children build strong bones and muscle and helps fight against obesity. Parental involvement in the prevention of childhood obesity is very important. The problem is that many parents don’t fully understand the problem themselves nor have a good understanding of what it takes to start your child off right with a healthy life. Parent involvement is very important in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. The positive influence helps to teach the child healthy behaviors that will help them to make healthy food choices. Teaching your child healthy eating habits is one of the basic and easiest childhood obesity prevention tips. When your child knows the importance of eating proper amounts of food, drinking enough water and then playing well, you won’t have to bother about obesity at all. Parent has to become involved by monitoring their children’s eating habits. The parents can prepare healthy meals by eliminating bad fats from their children’s diets. The parents could prepare lunch using meats lean meats and products low in fat and salt like ham, turkey, fish and chicken, while make sure that they are not forcing them to eat too much. Childhood obesity prevention, can start by preparing delicious foods such as French fries, potato skins, pizzas, nachos, desserts, etc. , at home, to keep them from overeating these foods from outside. Kids get tempted to eat junk very easily, and in order to control this, prepare these meals at home so you won’t have to bother about junk cravings! Last but not least, we need to address all these programs out-hear that is associated with weight loss; weight is approved for safe weight loss by the food and Drug Administration, weight loss supplement is a joke. Some companies advertise all these weight loss programs that do not work on Americans but getting rich off the poor and wealthy, â€Å"pills and diet plans promising to help shed pounds in days have made the weight loss industry more than $62 Billion a year business. The Doctors knows some of the plans don’t work but they don’t care all they see is a dollar sign in front of their face, as Americans we need to educate our self on what plan works for use not what others say. In today society as Americans we need not to listen to some of the Doctor or advertisement, we will be in some much debt about time you realize that you are broke and some of these diet plans didn’t work at all. In my opinion as American we need to do this plan the old fashion way without medication to help use loss weight. (1) Cardio is the key work keep the hearting pumping in-order to loss the weight (2) weight-train help you to get tone and burn fat. (3) Swimming is the best exercise because it works all the muscle (4) Eat six times a day, morning meal, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack How to cite Nutrition and Childhood Obesity, Papers

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Question: Discuss About The Portfolio On Knowledge Management Company? Answer: Introduction Knowledge management system is referred to as a type of IT system which is widely used by most of the large and medium business organizations to store and fetch knowledge. In addition to this, it also helps to improve collaboration by locating knowledge sources for hidden knowledge, capture and uses of knowledge. It also helps to increase the Knowledge management processes in the business organization. The aim of the portfolio is to identify different knowledge management practices and theories used in Walmart Company for gaining huge competitive advantages and measurable as well as successful revenue. In different nations the company runs a huge departmental stores and warehouse application thoroughly. This portfolio reflects a critical analysis on different knowledge management practices and theories those are applicable in the business organizations. An implementation roadmap of the insightful and detailed evaluation of knowledge management system in Walmart is also elaborated in this portfolio. Proposed knowledge management strategy Walmart is one of the most well-known multinational companies that run huge chain of departmental stores in United States. If the annual revenue of the company is calculated then it will be found that from the revenue gaining aspects the rate of the revenue of this particular company is the highest. Among different knowledge management system the most suitable KMS for Walmart, Managing Information System is found to be most beneficial one (Calvo-Mora et al. 2015). Over 2.3 Millions of staffs are working for this big private company. However with the help of the knowledge management system the company is willing to improve their business process accordingly. However, it is generally used in different business organizations in terms of Information system, public policy and general management system etc. However; the large organizations also invests huge to improve their existing knowledge management system (Wang, Noe and Wang 2014). From different KM practices the most suitable strategy is identified and illustrated in this portfolio. Exceptional knowledge management system Based upon the business practices of Walmart, accurate knowledge management strategy is needed to be adopted by the company. It is expected that, KM strategy will help the business organization to minimize the rate of issues and also increase the effectiveness of the business practices (Geisler and Wickramasinghe 2015). Several KM practice models are there those are widely used in the business organizations for creating knowledge management strategies. Knowledge management system is nothing but KM tool that is used during the business practices to define the relevant knowledge that is helpful for the implementation of a particular business strategy. Different types of knowledge management systems are there and based upon the application and business requirements the most suitable KMS is needed to be adopted by Walmart to increase the sales rate and revenue respectively (Dehghani and Ramsin 2015). The different types of KMS are as follows: Decision Support System (DSS): With the help of this system the consumer will be able to access required information stored in an organized manner within the server. This system is useful for the organizations to make effective decision making in a much easier way. Database management system: In order to store and retrieve data from the storage the most useful knowledge management system that can be assisted is a database management system (Sein-Echaluce et al. 2017). From the business perspectives this approach is very much secured and data cannot be accessed by the unwanted users. Only the authorized users will be able to access data stored in the database system and the unauthenticated users are not allowed to access information from the server. Simulation system: In order to model real world scenario, the simulation system is used by the business organizations. Not only this but also to test the effects of the test scenario that is whether the result is unsafe or safe, economically profitable or not this real world equivalent checking is very much important (Munoz et al. 2015). Information system: This is another KMS that is widely used by most of the business organizations to manage large set of information regarding their consumers and employees details. Knowledge management process deals with general knowledge management whereas; the KM strategy helps to develop long term knowledge management strategy. The previously outlined process can be improved by sharing knowledge and strategic objectives. For Walmart Company the most suitable Knowledge Management Model is the Integrated Knowledge Management model (Jarle Gressgard et al. 2014). KMS is the first system that is used to deal with the specific IT oriented issues. The knowledge management strategic initiatives are as follows: Investment: In order to support the existing structure investment is needed to be done for competencies, knowledge retention mechanism, culture and external network. Removal: The obsolete knowledge set are required to be removed from the system Identified set of issues While analyzing the knowledge management practices of Walmart it has been found that, certain issues are associated to it those are needed to be mitigated (Gemino, Reich and Sauer 2015). The identified issues of Wal-Marts Knowledge management system are as follows: Overloaded balanced data: With the increasing size and diversity of valid information associated to Walmart, it has been found that overloaded balanced data is referred to as one of the most vital issues that have been identified (Rezaei, Karimi and Hosseini 2016). If it is found that, the system is limited within small groups, and then it might happen that the data gets lost from the server (Schmitt 2014). Again if it is found that the system is wide enough then information overload might also take place. Inaccurate knowledge flow: Improper knowledge flow is another vital issue that has been identified in case of Walmart. Accurate structuring of knowledge is very much important to ensure that the flow of information is going on the right track. In order to fill the extensive skills and questionnaires the employees who are working for the business organizations must add accurate data within their documents (Bautista et al. 2017). The company fails to appreciate the contribution of the employees with necessary motivation, rewards and support. Due to this reason the knowledge fails to flow on the right track. Negative long term impact of Knowledge Management System: Each time it is not necessary for the issues of KMS to be resolved easily. Rather in some case these issues cannot be resolved easily. Both exploitation and exploration are the issues raised as the long term problems in WalMarts knowledge management system (Garfield 2014). In spite of developing new solution the issues of the existing system are required to be resolved. However, the company fails to make the necessary changes. Issues with technical adoption: The staffs working for the company are failing to adopt the application and its evolved operational and functional excellence. Due to this particular reason the cost of the KMS exceeds the expected budget. Synthesis and application of Knowledge management theories and practices There are some business organizations which thoughts that the KM system is deals with the usage of Information Technology in the business. However, KMS helps to build proper relationship between the technology and experience of the employees. In order to exchange information and knowledge the KM models and systems are used by the business organizations. According to Geisler and Wickramasinghe (2015), the most highlighted KM system is used in Walmart Company. The Knowledge management strategy used by Walmart is integrated system which integrates the supply chain with the Knowledge management. At the logistics end of the business supply chain is referred to as the most effective form of business to gain enough revenue. It helps to increase the number of employees by connecting them with their job professions. Dalkir and Beaulieu (2017) stated that, the supply chain management system used by any business organization d required to be consumer focused, flexible, financially proper and damage free as well. In order to gain measurable and structural revenue the management authority of the company must focus on sales improvement, reduced cost, efficient distribution and distributed as well as logistics management (Laudon and Laudon 2016.). The company has recently changed their focus from supply chain to demand chain. It implies that the c ompany has currently implemented their KMS in such a way so that all the managerial issues could be resolved accordingly. Awareness and interpretation of the research While defining the knowledge management system of Walmart it has been found that, the company is much focused to their KM strategies and application. However, the company fails to identify the set of necessary knowledge (Schmitt 2014). In order to meet the business requirements the necessary KMS those have been identified include the following: Things of business: Walmart must focus on the way through which the product cost can be reduced and the number of deliveries can be increased accordingly. Therefore, not only the traditional cost structure but also the managerial head of the company must know better about the details of the products (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). Another thing on which the company needs to focus on includes products availability and nature of the suppliers. Processes: The Company collects products from different suppliers and due to this reason they needs to know about the ways of moving products from the suppliers to the consumers. The direction of efficient movement starts from picking goods from the plants, distributing the goods through the distribution channels and delivery of the products to the exact location (Wang Noe and Wang 2014). Again the company is needed to build proper relationship between the suppliers and the materials or good to be delivered to the consumers. Event, agents and responses: In order to lead time, inventory management and to provide better services to their consumers proper response is needed to be done by Walmart. Motivation and business values: The objective of Walmart is to deliver accurate products to the consumers with affordable price and quality as well (Dehghani and Ramsin 2015). Distribution details: The Company is doing global business to gain effective revenue and structured profit as well. Thus to meet the demand f the consumers they are needed to focus on the changing regulatory, logistic issues and global opportunities as well. Connection with knowledge management theories According to Geisler and Wickramasinghe (2015) different contingencies rather motives are available in the business organizations those are needed to establish and maintain the version of the originals. After identifying the issues of KMS in Walmart it has been found that, those are required to be mitigated accordingly with proper knowledge management theory. Based upon six basic contingencies the theory is needed to be established. The contingencies of the theory are as follows: Need: The participants of the company are needed to achieve the legal as well as legal and political requirements. Power: In order to preserve the autonomy and control the performance of the business organization proper power is needed in terms of motivation. Stability: The rate of both risks and uncertainty should be reduced properly. Cost: In order to economize the transaction cost from other organizations should adopt accurate KM strategies. Legitimacy: The employees and other stakeholders associated to Walmart must focus on providing proper justification to their activities. In addition to this, the employees are required to be socially responsible. Goals: In each of the project initiation phase, the project team members must adopt proper activities in terms of organizational goal (Dehghani and Ramsin 2015). It has been found that, effective goal sharing will help the organization to meet their goal. With the help of the Knowledge management strategies and metrics two different things can be discussed accordingly and that includes the followings: An appropriate KM strategy helps to create link between the business application and the business objectives. In order to monitor the progress of the organization towards their business goal, good metrics are needed to be framed up with accurate measurements For Walmart this Knowledge Management Strategy has been adopted because it can provide the followings: It can provide the building blocks It helps to achieve the organizational learning and continuous business development In order to avoid time wastage repetitive mistakes should be avoided to make sure that everyone if familiar with the newly adopted system application details. Depth analysis of knowledge management system From the current analysis of the market it has been found that proliferation of knowledge management software is one of the vital solutions those are widely served by the business organizations of companies to gain effective and measurable revenue from the competitive market place. However; selection of appropriate Knowledge management system is another tough job for the business authority (Dehghani and Ramsin 2015). In order to support the knowledge workers it is very much necessary to select the appropriate KMS. As the most widely used problem solving approach, most of the companies uses SISTeM Cycle 1 based action research framework (Jarle Gressgard et al. 2014). The identified issues of knowledge management system are as follows: In some cases it happens, that the generated knowledge are not stored in the server or might have lost from the system. Due to lack of knowledge the participants fail to fix these issues according to the requirements (Gemino, Reich and Sauer 2015). Due to lack of missing key concerns, technical staffs and technical abilities of Knowledge management system, the company fails to meet the requirements of the consumers and other business units. Implementation roadmap ok Knowledge management system In order to gain effective revenue from the market place Walmart is required to follow the accurate steps to meet the KMS requirement. Particularly for Walmart the implementation path or roadmap is as follows: Establishment of program objectives of Knowledge management system Preparation for necessary changes High level processes are to be defined Determining and prioritizing the technology requirements Current state should be access whenever needed Implementation of Knowledge management roadmap to analyze the gap and economic condition as well. Conclusion From the overall discussion it can be concluded that, the Knowledge Management System (KMS) used by Walmart was not that much effective from the consumers and business perspectives. Thus, it is necessary for Walmart to improve their existing Knowledge Management System (KMS) to gain effective business revenue. The set of knowledge must be organized properly to make the system mush valuable and useful as well. The dimensions of KMS used in Walmart include connectedness, perspective, congruency and completeness. It is expected that, the business gaps would be minimized accordingly if accurate KMS strategies are adopted by the company. In order to gain competitive advantages and long lasting business sustainability few advanced models and innovative practices are adopted by the company. With the help of proper KMS the company would be able to make proper decision for the business organization. The different knowledge management system practices used by Walmart and the most appropriate K MS strategy that might mitigate the issues of business practices are elaborated in this portfolio. From critical analysis it has been found that the company uses the KM strategies to create distributive strategic insight and specific experiences as well. In order to improve the internal knowledge management practices from critical analysis the most suitable KM strategy is adopted for this company References Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014.Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. 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